601 Mims Ave, Johnston, SC 29832, US

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Present Owners:

 Del and Jessie Chavis are from Myrtle Beach SC working with a  company that provides Hospitality Supplies. Prior to that Del server in  the Military for 1972-1980 in the US Army.  Jessie managed a Ann's  Restruant in Myrtle Beach.  Jessie's Family were Farmers in the early  days in Hemmingway, SC.  

Building Date and Builder


James Marion Turner (1844-1935) and his wife, Eleanor Toney  (1848-1925), were the first persons to own this house. He ran a livery  stable and was a merchant and banker. He also operated a sash and door  factory in Johnston.

Patience Reames (b 1841), widow of Jefferson Reames, a  Johnston blacksmith, ran a boarding house called the Saluda House in  this building. When she married William Haltiwanger and moved in 1883,  she sold the property.

John Wesley Calhoun (1836-1896) and his wife Almena Mounce  (1846-1936)owned ad operated the Saluda House Hotel and the Calhoun  Hotel across the street in an earlier building which burned. He also  operated a general store and a drugstore.

Lake Middleton Smith (1920-1881) briefly owned the Saluda House, but probably never lived in it.

Preston Layfayette Wright (1847-1898) purchased the property  in 1883. He and his family lived in it, then rented it out. Wright was a  Johnston clothing merchant. He was married to Octavia Lucretia.

Watson (1852-1897). He and his wife were among the founders of the Johnston Methodist Church in 1878.

W.S. Wells (1851-1893) procured the house in 1891. Wells was a  store owner and vice-president of a local bank. He was also active in  town politics and served as mayor 1885-1886.

The Johnston Institute operated the property as a dormitory  named Rebecca Motte Hall in the mid 1890’s. The boy’s dormitory was  across the street in the earlier house which burned.

W.J. Hatcher (1866-1945) and his wife, Carrie (1877-1961), owned the house for most of the first half of the 20th century. He was the town’s first Buick dealer. Mrs. Hatcher was a tireless worker in the First Baptist Church.

Evetta Unger Moyer (1904-1992), wife of Cyril A. Moyer,  purchased the house. Mrs. Moyer was a florist, antique dealer and  decorator She rented the house for a few years, and in the early 1960’s  Cyril Moyer Jr. operated an antique shop here. Cyril’s shop was a  “community center” where visitors would catch up on the local gossip.  After disastrous fire in 1993, the shop was closed. In the early 1980’s a  restaurant called the Century House was operated here by Hilda Smith.

Susan and Bryan Hewston purchased the house in 2000 and  lovingly restored it. It was serving as a bed and breakfast known as  Isabella’s Retreat.

Del and Jessie Chavis purchased the house in the later part  of 2008. February of 2009 the house was damged due to a broken pipe  between the floors.  Isabella's was completely restored and added even  more comforts for our guests.  We reopened as Isabella’s Bed and  Breakfast.